Marissa Kramer: What's My Mo?

Marissa Kramer: What's My Mo?

Have you ever taken a second to think about, “What’s my motivation? Why do I push myself?” Honestly before this past weekend I hadn’t really taken the time to just reflect and think about it. See this past weekend I spent my time at the Perform Better Summit, listening to lectures and doing hands on classes on how to become a better trainer. It wasn’t until one of the last seminars of the day that really made me think “what’s my why for pushing myself when I train?” Well as I sat there a few things came to mind, I do it for the future with my clients, for staying healthy, and just flat out for myself.

As a trainer I am my own billboard, product, and walking advertisement for what I do. When I train my clients they look to me too see what physical shape I’m in, let’s be honest if I wasn’t in decent shape they wouldn’t want to be trained by me. You have to practice what you preach. So I push my clients to their limits and that’s the exact same way I train myself. The harder I push myself the better I become, the more intense I can train my clients and build my clientele.

What I also learned from this summit is training your body to intense levels and stressing it creates such positive results! Not only does it build muscle, but it releases endorphins, builds bones, and makes your heart stronger. I “kill” myself in the gym because I know at the end of the day my body is not only getting stronger, it’s getting healthier. I know that the sweat and tears are only going to add years to my life and that’s something I can’t afford to lose.

Working out is so much more than just throwing around weights and feeling good physically. It’s a time to escape everything that’s going on around me, lose sight of all the negativity in my life and just focus on me. It’s the time I get to train to be faster, stronger, better, but more importantly positive and happier about myself. I wear the gear, like FitsMo, proudly all the time to help me stay positive and push myself even harder, because we all know that sensation when you look good you feel good. Not only do I train my body physically when I work out but, also mentally and emotionally. So I am challenging you to do the same the next time you walk into the gym. Do you, be you and remember “What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger.”

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